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We are big fans of Weight Watchers®, because we have tried it ourselves and it truly works! As a couple, we have together lost over 100 pounds between us, using Weight Watchers® as a major part of our strategy. The Weight Watchers® system is expertly designed to help people like you and us accomplish the goal of losing weight and keeping it off. This is why we chose to become Weight Watchers® affiliates.


Weight Watchers® Now Available On-Line!

These days, you can participate in Weight Watchers® on-line, which we've found very helpful. For four years now, Weight Watchers® has been providing "innovative, subscription weight management products" over the Internet, and is the world's largest Internet-based weight management provider.


The Weight Watchers® TurnAround™ Plan

The Weight Watchers® TurnAround™ plan provides the following weight loss options, which offer you maximum choice and flexibility in following their program:

  • Flex Plan - With this option, you can eat any type of food you choose, as long as you control how much of it you eat, keeping your daily and weekly food intake within a designated POINTS® value that is based on your current weight. This is the option we use, and it has worked very well for us.

  • Core Plan - With this no-counting plan, you don't have to count POINTS® as long as you stick with foods from the Core Plan list. The list contains healthy foods from all food groups: "fruits and vegetables, grains and starches, lean meats and poultry, eggs and dairy products," no "empty calories." And you can also still enjoy the "occasional treat in controlled amounts" while following this plan.

On-Line Weight Watchers® Options

You can now follow the Weight Watchers® TurnAround™ plan, either the Flex Plan or the Core plan as you choose, online, using the following options:

  • Weight Watchers® Online offers interactive resources on their website that enable you to follow their weight-loss plan step-by-step at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home, without attending the meetings, for only $5 a week. The website provides many resources to support you, including the following tools to manage your daily food choices and activities:

    • POINTS® tracker for the Flex Plan, where you can quickly type in over 27,000 different foods and quantities and get their POINTS® value.

    • A browseable list of all the foods offered in the Core Plan.

    • A Weight Tracker program that lets you graphically chart and view your weight-loss progress online over time.

    • Hundreds of excellent recipes and meal ideas for both the Flex Plan and the Core Plan.

    • A Restaurant Guide to help you choose suitable places when dining out.

    • a Cooking Guide for healthy cooking, including special food and vegetarian options.

    • Daily tips and expert ideas, new food ideas, the latest weight-loss techniques, and many strategies for staying on-plan.

    • Free online communities you can connect with 24/7. We found everyone on these bulletin boards (they have several topics, including a newbies board) friendly, understanding, supportive, encouraging, and always willing to help.

    • Health assessments and quizzes to help you measure your progress and set healthy goals.

    • Sound tips and advice on how to increase your activity and energy levels.

    • Better Living Guides with "healthy living strategies to suit your needs and interests."



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