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Our Current Weight-Loss Project

Two years ago, the two of us began working together to lose weight as a couple. Using a transformational combination of team work, behavior modification and craving-management techniques, Weight Watchers® (click here for our quick summary of the Weight Watchers® offerings), and lots of mutual love and understanding, we have together lost 100 pounds between us, turned our weight loss into a fun and romantic sharing process, and maintained our new weights. We are delighted to announce that we have just finished a new e-book telling our story:


  • Eager to lose weight with your partner and strengthen your relationship at the same time?

  • Ready to benefit from the support, encouragement and ideas of a couple who's done it?
How We Lost Our First
100 Pounds Together:
Romantic Weight Loss
for Couples

by Ron Masa, Ph.D. and Debbie Hart

This 70-page information-packed e-book tells the entire story of how we lost over 100 pounds together between us, and enhanced our love relationship in the process. We explain in detail the strategies we developed and the tricks we discovered in all the following areas and more!:

  • Supportive teamwork approaches to weight loss
  • Keys to gradual attitude and behavior change
  • Gentle step-by-step approaches to exercise
  • Food shopping and preparation tips
  • Great low-calorie substitutions for favorite foods
  • Sticking to your eating plan in social settings
  • Tracking your food and your progress
  • Creating a relaxing romantic ambience for meals
  • Our favorite low-fat recipes and variations
  • Loads of links to helpful products and information

"“Not only does this resource-laden book provide an easy to follow, practical and honest narrative on weight loss, it also served as a bonding experience in our marriage as we read it to each other page-by-page. We were reminded of our shared vision of mutual support, renewed health and vitality. Together, we have lost 105 pounds.”

Marjorie Miles and Ben Miles
Huntington Beach, CA

"Watching Ron & Debbie and their success in weight loss together has been inspirational. This book is a very helpful guide in heart-connected weight loss. Thanks so much for writing down your inspirational experiences for others."

Toby and Jill Stearns
Erie, CO

Excerpt from the Introduction:

"In a world that is gaining weight by the minute, weight loss is truly a life-saving topic. Sadly, the need for one or both members of a couple to lose weight very often becomes a source of conflict or criticism which separates the two as much as, or more than, the weight itself ever would. And conflict rarely helps reach the goals of weight loss, either!

We have had the experience of losing (over) 100 pounds as a couple and striving every step of the way not only to lose pounds but to protect and enrich our new-found love relationship in the process. We so often see partners criticizing one another for the need to lose weight in a way that damages their relationship. We want to describe some of the hard-earned lessons that helped us grow smaller and more loving at the same time."




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