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As of mid-April 2010, we will be reopening our own eBay art stores, where we will be selling economically-priced and colorful artwork in a variety of media and sizes. The links below will become available once we have things up and running again, so keep checking back:

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Recommended Books

Free E-Course: "Discover Your Dreams: A Beginner's Guide"

Remembering/recording/interpreting dreams, dream groups, case studies, and suggested readings.

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Inspiring Books and Newsletters

Dream Websites

  • JEREMY TAYLOR is a rare and gifted dreamworker whose books are a major contribution to the field. We recommend all of Jeremy's books. I have worked with him in workshops, love his work, and share much of his spiritual, shamanic, groupwork approach to dream work.

  • The gifted and good-hearted Dr. MARJORIE MILES, MFT (Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy) has a coaching practice specializing in dreamwork, hypnotherapy, and stress-reduction. Her site, Journey of Your Dreams, is rich with cool dream resources to explore, like a method for transforming your dreams into poetry. Read more on our Faculty page!

  • Dreams and their meanings : A bank of correctly understood dreams used to build a dream dictionary.

  • Dream Symbolism: A guide to dream interpretation and analysis

Visit Dream Central! All About Dreaming!

I Ching Websites

  • I Ching with Clarity This is a wonderful site that is both elegant and informative. Hilary Barrett is a wonderful I Ching educator who offers Readings, community discussions, a valuable newsletter, and so many other resources.

  • Great Vessel is a collaborative new site with sophisticated design, a wealth of information, and more to come. They offer guidance, information, help and practical resources for both beginners and experienced users of the Classic of Change. It is still under construction, so look for new features, articles, guests, and forums to appear regularly. Home to Stephen Karcher, Kevin Sheffield, and Peter Sheffield.

  • YiJing, Book of Sun and Moon is an extraordinary work of devotion with beautiful images and insightful contributions of many sorts. A must see contribution with much to study.

  • I Ching Online Simplified Wilhelm version, ask live questions, discussion forum.

  • I Ching Wisdom: Advanced ideas and insights Nice images and edgy ideas.

  • Yi Jing - Book of Changes App for iPhone and iPod touch -
    The interactive mobile version of I Ching, the Book of Changes, "re-crafted to take advantage of the unique features of your mobile device" - You can ask questions, throw the virtual coins, keep a searchable I Ching journal, and even browse and purchase multiple I Ching translations and educational books right from your mobile device.

Creative Writing Resources

Astrology Websites

  • Caroline Casey, your weaver of context, welcomes allies to the Realm of Visionary Activism, which arises from the wedding of spiritual magic and ingenious social action! A bright light with good books and trickster genius.

  • The Moon Valley astrologer is a wonderfully rich site with tons of information on all things astrological and much more.


Poetry Websites

  • Stay tuned!

Other Sites of Interest

  • Visions of Home Feng Shui with gifted practitioner Laurelyn Baker. One of the best with a multicultural perspective and beautiful ceremonies. "Laurelyn has an incredible gift for infusing aesthetics with meaning and spirit."

  • Check out New Path Books - The Best eBook Store on the Web! - This innovative site offers a wide range of e-books in a variety of categories, including Business, Computing, Family, Health, Internet, Recreation, Society, Sports and Wealth. New categories and products are always being added.

  • ENHANCED HEALING - Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem.

Coaching Sites of Interest

  • 365 Days of Coaching Daily personal and motivational message e-mail that will support you in making changes in your life. An annual subscription is just $20 and includes free coaching and more. Subscribe today and receive a free book!

  • Here is an ingenious use of the classic "Hero's Journey" as a transformational model for personal and professional coaching! Classes also offered.

  • 3.2 years Life Cycles in Time Integration and Synchronicity Coincidences. DESCRIPTION: Using birthdays and the Life Cycles Matrix System for insight in your consciousness, course of life, relationship, child raising, job, career, business, study and destiny. 

  • Authentically You Retreats: Growth Retreats, Workshops, Personal and Business Coaching, and Spiritual Horsemanship

University of Yourself - Spiritual Power Tools that amplify your own interior wisdom. Inspiring Dream groups by phone. I Ching educational products.


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