U of You
Art Gallery

currently featuring
Silk Painting and
Stone Sculpture
by Ron Masa and Debbie Hart

Welcome to our new and improved U of You Art Gallery! We have both greatly expanded our artwork in the past few years to include paintings in various sizes and media, including silk painting (currently featured here) which has shown in galleries in the Russian River area in northern California and online! Please click the links below to view some of our artwork in this medium!

  • Silk Painting by Ron Masa - this page features hand-painted silk hoops and hand-dyed silk scarves. Ron's silk work consists primarily of brightly-colored abstract designs, as well as modified renditions of the works of famous artists like Picasso, Van Gogh and Chagall.

  • Silk Painting by Debbie Hart - this page features hand-painted silk hoops and silk-hoop bird power shields with attached beads and feathers, as well as hand-dyed silk scarves. Debbie's main inspirations for these pieces were the surrounding redwood forest environment at the time, and her imagination. Her primary subjects are totem birds and animals, as well as plants and trees, frequently those native to the local environment, as well as brightly-colored whimsical and mystical creatures from her imagination.

  • Stone Sculture by Ron Masa - this page currently features a small sample of Ron's classic stone scultures from years past, ranging from nudes to birds and animals.

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