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Self Direction must come from within.

The U of You teaches methods that help you follow your own inner wisdom.  No single tool we know of  is more powerful than the I Ching, and we rely upon it every day. It is a mirror for the soul....  which can amplify the still small voice within.  You can explore and discuss any question at all with your higher self.

The I Ching is a three thousand year old book of Chinese wisdom that Carl Jung helped bring to the West half a century ago.  Its growth in popularity since then has been remarkable. 

While our dreams tell us whatever we need to know... the I Ching addresses any question that we want to know, and choose to ask.  It does not offer generic advice or one-size-fits-all answers; it offers specific, personalized answers to our questions, any question... by mirroring the wisdom of our own higher self. This strengthens our intuition and enhances our self reliance. It is rather like praying for insight and guidance and receiving a written response within minutes.

An Introduction to the I Ching

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Dr Ron Masa has been teaching the I Ching since 1980, and it has literally saved his life on at least one occasion. What did the I Ching know about Dr. Ron's mountain journey that he could never have forseen? Click to hear him tell that story.

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  • The I Ching or Book of Changes by Wilhelm and Baynes - This classic edition is a foundational book we still do rely upon. This thorough, rational translation retains many classic images and some eloquent language for elusive ideas. Carl Jung wrote the introduction for this edition, helping to introduce the ancient Chinese oracle to the West. This edition is severely yang in tone and carries the partriarchal bias of its time. If one is willing to correct for bias, the thoroughness of this translation still makes it enormously valuable. We suggest it be used in conjunction with other more heartful, yin versions of the I Ching for balance (such as Dening, below).

  • The Everyday I Ching by Sarah Dening is an enriching and insightul interpretation. Dening, a seasoned, London psychotherapist, employed the I Ching extensively in her private practice, and has accumulated many insights into the applied use of the I Ching. This version is refreshingly heartful and direct; it is a proven cure and good counterpoint for Wilhelm. Dening shows how, in fact, each and every encounter in life includes an opportunity for personal growth. The classic imagery is underplayed in this “commentary” approach, but it speaks in clear, compassionate language. This book often helps to clarify an answer at times when other editions seem confusing. It is a marvelous ally for making practical sense of many life questions. 

  • Total I Ching: Myths for Change by Stephen Karcher. This encyclopedic, history-rich translation is a splendid approach to providing the best of the scholarly tradition and the return to the oracle's shamanic roots that Karcher has been so active in teaching. This book is a whole course of study in itself. However, the beginner need not fear its complexity, because this book is designed to allow one to focus on a short answer or a longer version in each hexagram. This gem contains richly detailed information about the history, language, myths and imagery, as well as the applied uses of the I Ching.

  • The I Ching or Book of Changes: A Guide to Life's Turning Points by Brian Browne Walker is a beautiful work which targets personal growth and the taming of the ego. It is poetic and elegantly written. Its commentaries are concise, contemporary, clear, and often inspiring. One great strength of this work is Walker ’s focus on what we can do to learn and to improve our attitude in any situation. His descriptions of the hexgrams are richly imagistic yet practical and instructive. Walker provides elegant, haiku-like summaries at the start of each hexagram. Another strength of this work is its richly psychological focus, which may occasionally be less on-the-nose for certain practical questions, but is of enormous value for self-development.

  • How to Use the I Ching: A Guide to Working With the Oracle of Change Stephen Karcher's excellent translation begins with a clear and lucid account of what the I Ching is, what it does, and how to use it. Recent discoveries have allowed a mindset-altering return to the shamanic roots of the Oracle-- before the Confucian scholars imposed their patriarchal veneer over Taoism, and Wilhelm added another layer. This is an outstanding translation, true to original images and powerfully synchronistic as a result. The images are well explained, and the commentaries are poetic, clear, and encouraging to the soul.

    While I still appreciate many qualities of my well-worn Wilhelm, I very often read Karcher’s How to Use the I Ching as a first choice these days, and then add others to the discussion. Check this one out for sure.

  • The Elements of the I Ching For many years, I have used Stephen Karcher’s "Elements of the I Ching" as a complementary text for its original insights. It offers a wonderfully shamanic orientation which is in keeping with the original roots of the I Ching. Dr. Karcher explains the Chinese characters and provides a multi-directional view on each symbol with a flurry of adjectives and concepts that capture many nuances and variants of the archetypal situation in that hexagram.


Free I Ching Education:
Articles by Dr. Ron

EzineArticles.com Platinum Author

1. How the I Ching Saved My Life (shortened article version)

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese oracle popularized in the West by Carl Jung. It allows us to ask direct questions, and read the answers in print. When I teach I Ching classes I often tell students about the day it saved my life.

2. Mystical Help with Mundane Choices: The I Ching and the Folly of the Dolly

My partner and I have used the I Ching to guide (or decide) all our major life questions, career choices and health decisions. But we also use it every single day for more practical and prosaic purposes.

3. When the I Ching Advises You Not to Take A Job You Really Want

The I Ching talked me out of two jobs I really, really wanted to take. Saying yes or no to a job commitment has major life implications and this ancient Chinese method of conversing with the higher self lets one consult wiser guidance than our waking ego ("or village idiot of the psyche").

4. The I Ching as Guide for Renting a Business Office

If you could use universal wisdom as your guide to business decision-making, instead of a realtor, would you? I did.

5. I Ching Creates Crisis for Psychotherapist During a Session

The I Ching put me into one of the toughest crises of my career as a psychologist. This ancient Chinese oracle can mirror the wisdom of the higher self. It had helped me solve problems, make decisions, and had even literally saved my life (see article "The Day the I Ching Saved My Life"). But my doctorates in psychology and social work from the University of Michigan operated from very different professional premises.

6. What Is The I Ching And What Did Carl Jung See In It?

What is the I Ching? Half a century ago, Carl Jung introduced this amazing Chinese oracle to the West. It is a book that invites you to ask any question whatsoever and then applies the specific ancient wisdom that is a targeted answer to your question. You can ask anything you sincerely care about and test the answers to your heart's content.



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