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Understanding Your Dreams
by Ron Masa Ph.D.

Learn many secrets about the inner workings of your mind.  Discover the rules our dreams play by... and see how these rules apply to waking life. Quick easy-to-read outline format.  
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Please explore my I Ching audio Program and learn what it can offer to you! The I Ching is the single most valuable tool I know of for making important decisions and for communing with our higher self.
an audio excerpt and READ free text samples. Spiritual help, that has been tested and trusted by millions for over 3,000 years is right nearby. Just take the first step.

Great Good Fortune to you.
- Ron Masa, Ph.D.

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Free E-Course: "Discover Your Dreams: A Beginner's Guide"

Remembering/recording/interpreting dreams, dream groups, case studies, and suggested readings.

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We examine one dream in great depth, gently peeling away the  layers of oniony  complexity... to reveal both Wisdom and Energy within.  The process is inspiring and magical, because:  Whoever makes us, makes our dreams!

TeleDream is a drop in group that allows you to enroll in advance (like buying a ticket) and then show up on whatever Monday evening you choose.  You attend a group session by calling the telephone number we give you at the start time of the group and all are automatically connected in a single group discussion.  Telephone groups by phone are still very new, but TeleDream has been operating continuously since October of 2000, and the groups are focused, productive, playful and profound.  Our approach is always to support and help all dreamers.  

U of You provides a core staff of experienced dreamworkers so we can assist whoever phones in with their dreams.  We select the one dream to work on each session by lottery... which a dream instructed us to do.  We then apply the lessons from that dream to all on the call.  In times past, a shaman or visionary would go to the wilds, suffer deprivations and tests until they had a vision, which they would bring back to the group for guidance by our wise, if invisible, allies.  Every dream is just such a treasure brought back from the dream land of our interior, and it only takes one to feed the whole group.

Dream Symbols are like diamonds....   From each new point of view you see a different  facet of the available light. The diversity of viewpoints in every group helps us reveal the multiples layers of meaning in every symbol.  It  is always a profound experience.  Whoever makes the dreams doesn't know how to be trivial.

My basic rule of Dreamwork is "Don't believe a word we say!"  Trust your own felt validity. Dreams  teach you how to take your own best advice by touching the deepest parts of our psyche. You can physically feel the truth-value of your dream insights.  Dreamwork helps replace outside advice with inner clarity and self-direction.

As a team, we work... and play... to slowly decode the higher guidance in every dream. Each insight reverberates around the group, deepening the process as we go. Every group member has pieces of the dream puzzle and every dream speaks to everyone who is listening.  

The Universal aspect of dream content means:  Dream symbols are speaking to Everyone Who Hears The Dream! Yes, every dream is always talking to each member of the group. You have to experience it to fully grasp the power of dreams and the level of wisdom encoded within them.  Come join us and you will see.

Sweet Dreams,
Doctor Ron 

TeleDream Dream Group by Phone
(with the author of this article!)

Thursdays, 10-11:30 am (Pacific Time). Dr. Ron Masa, Debbie Hart, and Dr. Marjorie Miles lead a safe and supportive live dream group by telephone. All levels of experience welcome. $35 per session OR $125 per month (averages out to $28 per month -- you save 20%!)


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