"Geo is Psycho"

by Ron Masa Ph.D.

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Geography is 
because you're
so different
at every

I feel you clearer
when i'm nearer,
but see you
better from afar.

With travel
i see
"my life back there"
as if it
were not

There i am
way over there
in the bell jar
of my habits,
the terrarium of
daily life.

Parts of that life
in Boulder CO
seem only to show
from New Mexico.

Images arrive with
tortillas in Taos.
Otras con sopa
en Santa Fe.
Others await my
Sedona siesta.
Because the geo
 is psychology.

Things invisible at home
are perfectly clear from here.
The focal length of mind
changes like the eye's.
Myopia helps to
make home
so homey.

Measured in miles
or purely in mind:
distance permits 
perspective's growth.

I know 
the Geo
because of
how much
i always change
you stand
this close.

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