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Ron Masa, Ph.D.

Debbie Hart

I am a spiritual psychologist with two Ph.D.s from the University of Michigan (they were having two-fers at the time)... but I’m feeling much better now! I also studied with American and Peruvian shamans for many years.

I’ve worked in psychology and teaching for 30+ years.  I have directed treatment programs for delinquents, and worked with alcoholics, troubled families, psychiatric patients, and that truly disturbed population: academics!  I taught graduate courses at UCLA and Michigan, and classes on dreams and the
I Ching at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. I designed treatment programs, wrote several periodical columns on dreams and taught hundreds of classes from Jungian dream work to psychic development and the I Ching.

I teach only what I love and am often playful-- while very serious about dreamwork and the I Ching as two of the best tools to commune directly with our Source. Our dreams are 'nightly letters from God' said Von Franz. I just love reading the mail.

Long ago and far away I was a TV Director and I kept my skills sharp in dreams. In recent years I have created cable tv shows on spiritual topics. The first short films that Debbie and I have made have been very well received and much more awaits.

And, of course, finding a true love after decades of monk-like service has changed...everything. (As Rita Rudner says: "Single men don't live like people at all, they live like bears with furniture.")


In addition to earning degrees in computer science and writing, I have long been an avid learner. I spent many more years than necessary at universities pursuing a diverse range of studies in the arts, humanities, sciences, engineering and mysticism, and inadvertently developed a rich multidisciplinary background in the process.


I left my corporate software development job in Boulder, Colorado, and we moved to magical regions of the California coast where the redwoods meet the sea to devote ourselves full-time to our shared dream of "co-growing" the University of Yourself. I have been a prolific journal writer for 30 years, a lifelong artist, a perpetual child at heart, and passionately interested in dreams. I have studied dreamwork, kept dream journals, and worked on my own dreams for 20+ years. I am currently studying herbal medicine and aromatherapy.


As a child, I spent many waking hours poring over books, drawing and cartooning, and writing and illustrating my own stories. I have devoted many years to my own personal and spiritual development and learning to hear my own inner guides ever more clearly. I am delighted that my guides led me to meet Ron and to co-create and expand the University of Yourself.


I once dreamed that I was in a university restaurant and suddenly realized, to my surprise, that I was sitting at the faculty table with all the faculty members, and had been doing so for a long time. This dream guidance encouraged me to dare to co-teach the subjects that I love the most -- subjects where, for me, work and play are one in the same.

I have experienced many transitions on my journey. The first included a career as a traditional psychotherapist. For 4 years, I worked as a crisis counselor at residential treatment centers serving troubled adolescents and their families. I loved my clients, but the work was demanding and intense.

When I began experiencing symptoms of "burn-out", I decided to focus on prevention rather than crisis intervention. (They say you teach best what you need to learn). That decision led to my creating and facilitating Stress Reduction and Life Enrichment Workshops and, eventually, a new career direction--academia.

I discovered how much I loved teaching and began another rewarding career as a psychology professor. During that time, I broadened my knowledge about the unconscious mind and earned a doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. My interest in states of consciousness expanded (excuse the pun), and my students and I began exploring sleep dreams and their powerful, hidden messages.

Approximately 10 years later, after being promoted to a senior professor position, I began experiencing Divine Discontent in my personal and work life.  I wanted to deepen my connection with Universal Wisdom and to bring more of the sacred into my daily living.  I honored that desire by becoming a Certified Spiritual Counselor.

As I began listening more closely to my inner guidance, I started receiving information regarding my next career step. As my passion for dream work grew stronger, the small, still voice within me grew louder, repeating over and over: "Trust...take a leap of faith...let go...and the new form will come." Despite the deafening fears that were also vying for my attention, I ended my inner struggle by releasing my full-time teaching position and choosing to "follow my bliss" (Joseph Campbell must be smiling broadly now).

Amazingly, the right people at just the right time began showing up in my life to support me on my journey (and continue to do so). Today, along with being a Faculty Member of University of Yourself,  Journey of Your Dreams. Com, and its mission to provide integrated mind/body/spirit services for a happier, healthier, and abundant life, is a reality!

Trusting in My Life's Dream, and the Power that gifted me with it, has been very much like driving a car at night. The headlights only illuminate several feet of the road ahead; and, at times, there are unexpected curves, bumps, and detours. However as I continue down the road, I always arrive--safely and joyfully--HOME.

Thank you for joining me on the Journey.
Sweet Dreams!

Marjorie Miles

(714) 963-6686


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