Welcome to the
Exploring Dreams in Depth Series!

"Every dream comes in the interest
of health and wholeness."
- Jeremy Taylor

We are proud to present an exciting new collection
of audio dreamwork programs:

The Exploring Dreams in Depth Series
by Ron Masa, Ph.D. and Debbie Hart

  • Listen in on actual case studies -- extensive excerpts from real telephone dream sessions combined with expert commentary

  • Benefit from this excellent learning tool for professional dream workers and amateur dream enthusiasts alike

  • Discover the rich layers of meaning we can uncover by exploring dreams in great depth

  • Learn how to work with dreams on your own schedule, at your own pace, without actually attending a live session

  • Expect these dreams to speak directly to you -- the universal wisdom in each dream speaks to anyone who hears it

  • Download immediately in convenient mp3 format to play on your computer or mp3 player

  • Gain tremendous insights at an affordable price

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Program #1:
"Reclaiming the
Buried Artist-Child Within"

This dream depicts a family watching a TV program with audio but no video, and a little girl on a blanket "in the floor." In this dream session, the dreamer reconnects with her long-buried inner artistic self, something most of us lose and can reclaim. This dream also helps the dreamer balance her inner masculine and feminine energies, an important issue for most modern women.

Running Time: 52:21


Program #2:
"Charlie Brave Boy:
The Self Lost in Trauma Returns in a Dream "

In this dream, a dreamer's child self returns to her in the form of a puppy, and the dream uncovers and helps to heal a double family trauma spanning generations. See firsthand how our dreams employ a shaman-like soul-retrieval process to reclaim our lost gifts.

Running Time: 84:45



More programs are on the way, so stay tuned!