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Understanding Your Dreams: 
How to Correct 50 Assumptions That Keep Us From Understanding Our Dreams....And Our Lives!

by Ron Masa Ph.D.

  • Learn many secrets about the inner workings of your mind.

  • Discover the rules our dreams play by... and see how these rules apply to waking life.

  • Easy-to-read outline format.    

Only $7

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Understanding Your Dreams
Ron Masa Ph.D.

Dream Work
Jeremy Taylor

Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill
Jeremy Taylor

The Living Labyrinth
Jeremy Taylor

Way of the Dream
Marie-Louise von Franz

Mutual Dreaming
Linda Lane Magallon

Encyclopedia of Symbolism
Kevin Todeschi

Robert Moss

Our Dreaming Mind
Robert Van de Castle

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Free E-Course: "Discover Your Dreams: A Beginner's Guide"

Remembering/recording/interpreting dreams, dream groups, case studies, and suggested readings.

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Curious about your dreams?   Want to know what they mean?

We all dream-- every night of our life. And, beneath awareness all day long. Dreams speak to us all! No special beliefs are required. No one is excluded. Dreams are truly Universal.

Dreams reconnect us to the Source of our being and transmit profound daily guidance. Dreams have inspired and enriched every human endeavor including art, science, and religion.

Whoever makes us, makes our dreams. We return each night to the "factory" to be re-attuned. People who are deprived of dreaming, rapidly deteriorate. Dreams may be the oldest, most natural, and most Universal form of direct inner guidance. Dreams guide us to health and wholeness. Dreams are the greatest buried treasure we ignore. 

Your dreams are "nightly letters from God..." 
Are you reading your mail?

Live Telephone Dream Group:

Dr. Ron Masa, Debbie Hart, and Dr. Marjorie Miles lead TeleDream, a safe and supportive live dream group by telephone. All levels of experience welcome. This group empowers each member to to learn their own crucial, life lessons while helping others. TeleDream honors the depth, complexity, and spiritual power in every dream. We always focus on the constructive growth that Universal dream wisdom brings to every participant. This is safe, gentle, supportive, compassionate, inspiring, playful, and deeply honest group dreamwork. All levels of experience are welcome.

Telephone Dream Work is as comfortable and friendly as a telephone chat with your best friend! Calling from your own home, with no visuals to activate stereotypes, the group is often more comfortable and more trusting than in-person groups! This is spiritual education... not psychotherapy. The wisdom of dreams is now available and affordable. Would you like to understand and benefit from the treasures buried in your dreams?

  • Time: Wednesdays, 10-11:30 am (Pacific Time)
  • Cost: $35 per session OR $125 per month (averages out to $28 per session -- You save 20%!)

Here is a rare opportunity to listen in on an actual dream group in process. 

listen   LISTEN IN on a TELEDREAM GROUP session now!

Read More about TeleDream and Register for A Session


How Does the TeleDream Group Operate?

Dr. Ron: "We believe dreams carry the highest wisdom available from within. So we examine one dream in great depth, gently peeling away the layers of oniony complexity... to reveal both Wisdom and Energy in every dream."  continue...


Private DreamWork by Phone

Joint dreamwork sessions with Dr Ron Masa and Debbie Hart are available by appointment ($90 for a 45-minute session).



Here's what just a few of our participants have been saying about our telephone dream groups:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the dream class. I'm not sure if I can express, the profound sense of validation of who and what I am… that I got from interpreting this dream. ... I have been sharing about the teleclass and your website with many friends and colleagues, and I look forward to working with you again."

- Susan C. S. Cristini
President and CEO,  
SELLFF Coaching    
Amherst, NH          

"Not only do I like the content of the dream group, I like the process/ via phone.  I taught on the AOL campus for 4 years and it sounds great -- but computer screen learning is rather flat, and I like the phone better for distance groups.  I look forward to exploring the dream world together -- for both personal and professional reasons."

- Barbara L. Heller, MSW      
Psychotherapist and author of
How To Sleep Soundly Tonight

"My dreams have always been very powerful forces in my life and I always knew they were trying to tell me something.  On my own, I think I did a pretty good job interpreting them.  But now, after just a handful of teledream classes, I see and I am starting to understand the depth at which the truth and lessons go.

Never in my wildest dreams... did I think they could open up new possibilities in this realm the way that they have.  The connection between the sleeping realm and the waking realm are woven into the finest silk tapestry...Now I am learning through the TeleDream classes how to follow each thread through the scene, study it, and learn about it, ask where is it made, and see how it is placed in the tapestry of my life.

One thing that I really like about doing this work over the phone is that I have no judgments or assumptions about the people.  I don’t know what they look like, the color of their hair or the cars they drive.  None of that. All I know are their voices and that they love dreamwork as much as I do.  One of the most amazing things though is that when working on other people’s dreams, I have learned so much about myself through their dreams."

V. Cunningham
Glass sculptor  

Free Audio Dream Class

Welcome to our Real Audio Intro Class on Dreams.

Need to download Real Player?  Download Real Player

listen   INTRO DREAM CLASS:  Part 1  (7:02) TOPICS: TeleDream/ Dr Ron/ Basic rule/ Universality/ Student comments/ Predictions/ Multiple meanings/  Tormenting grad students/ "If my dream"/ Everybody's dream is Everybody's!

listen   INTRO DREAM CLASS:  Part 2  (9:11) TOPICS: Whyte poem/ Why i do dreams/ Where do dreams come from?/ U of You/ Student questions/ What's good about nightmares?/ Remembering dreams/ Waking dreams.           

listen  INTRO DREAM CLASS:  Part 3 (13:05)  TOPICS: KOGO's Joe Bauer and Dr M.A./ lucid dreams/ Jack Nicklaus' dream/ Meditation/ Exploratory vs. Explanatory/ Cats/ Layers/ "Open-Heart dream"/ Understanding Your Dreams.

listen  INTRO DREAM CLASS:  Part 4  (12:41)  TOPICS: KOGO: Lorraine's dream/ Universal wisdom/ Secret of the Universe/ TeleDream/ Wilma's dream/ Deceased visitors?/ Nightmares/ Facing shadow/ Tara's dreams/ Journaling.

Afterward, you may email us with questions or come join us for a TeleDream group to experience dream wisdom firsthand.

listen KOGO Radio Interview with Dr. Ron   (15:42)

RAQ'S: Rarely Asked Questions about DreamWork

listen 1. Why interpret dreams in a group, does it require heavy lifting?
listen 2. How deep is the source of dreams?
listen 3. Denise, what do you like about TeleDream?
listen 4. Billie, what's so exciting about working on someone else's dream?

Free Dreamwork Education
Articles by Dr. Ron

EzineArticles.com Platinum Author

1. U of You Approach to Dreamwork

Don’t believe a thing we say! Believe your own “felt validity.” Dreams are a message from your inner self to your outer, conscious self. When your head gets the message that your heart already knows, you will feel it…

2. Secrets of Professional Dream Work: What are Dreams and Why Should You Care?

Dreamwork is a safari into our own interior, where guidance, healing and mystery reside. Our reward is direct access to our own inner truth and Self-direction. Dreams are your answer sheet for the "Know Thyself" exam.

3. Prophetic Dream Guidance: A "Magical" Case Study

I, who was trained as a scientist, would like to tell you a true story about "dream magic." Some prophetic dreams anticipate precise details of our future and are not probability predictions, as you will see. In the 1980's, I was training Hollis, a talented intern, to interpret dreams, when we explored this dream which foretold her future in a way my scientific training declared impossible...

4.What Does Science Owe to Dreaming? And It's Not Pizza!

Many people, and certainly many scientists, think dreams are trivial and meaningless fantasies. Probably the side effect of late night pizza-eating. Let us examine the "pizza hypothesis." Consider, first, the Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleyev. He was a professor at Saint Petersburg...

5. Prophetic Dream of Real Princess: Dreaming of Princess Diana

There are future references in every dream because dreams come from the eternal side of the psyche. Where dreams originate, unity and oneness supercede all distinctions between self and other, and what we perceive as the past, the present and the future co-exist in an eternal Now. We all visit and directly experience this reality that the mystics write about in every dream we have and we do so every night of our lives!

6. When We Dream of House or Home - What Does it Mean?

Every single night, everybody dreams. One of the more frequently appearing dream symbols is the house. Every dream symbol includes powerful, personal meanings and generic, archetypal levels as well. Each dream symbol contains much condensed wisdom seeking to become conscious; it is knowledge which can guide and enrich our lives, but only if we listen.

7. How A Psychologist Learned Dream Interpretation from a Movie Star

I saw an advertisement for a lecture on "Jungian Dreamwork" at the elegant "Old Main" building at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I arrived early and sat in the front row as a huge crowd amassed. I was surprised that so many people cared about dreams. As the lecturer, Tom Laughlin, began to describe the process of dreamwork, his assistant recorded every word for his next book...

8. Some Dreams Save Lives: A Case Study of a Heart Attack

One of the surprising secrets of professional dream interpretation is how often dreams predict life challenges and prepare us to meet them. This dream foreshadowed JT's upcoming heart attack, without spelling it out, and it prepared her to survive it.

9. Is Wisdom Wasted on the Waking? The Power of Our Dreams

Dreams incorporate the wisdom and guidance of nature in a form that is personalized for each individual. Dreaming is our primary connection to the source of being, call that whatever you like. If we are born of Buddha mind then he thinks us whole each night as our ego relinquishes control. If born of Mother Nature, then the Great Mother returns us to her womb to renew what we damage by day. As Jung's star pupil Marie Louise von Franz put it, "Dreams are nightly letters from God."

10. Eight Dream Secrets

Our mind's connection to the higher self is like a two-way radio. We must stop transmitting in order to receive. That is why dreams mostly appear in the night while our mind is off duty. First the mouth, and then the mind, must stop talking for us to hear the inner wisdom which operates all day long beneath awareness and emerges in dream by night.

11. Wish You Could Remember Your Dreams? - 13 Hints
for Dream Recall

Dreams are a royal road to our interior, well worth befriending. Many dreamers find profound direction in their lives, discover new parts of themselves, and live more fully from exploring their dreams. But, before you can work with your dreams, you must remember them. One of the most frequent questions in dream workshops is, "How can I remember my dreams?"

12. One Dream Interprets Another to Predict the U.S. Mid-Term Election Results

Dreams come from wherever we do. They regularly predict the future and they link people together in the world of dreams. In the following case one dream even arrived to interpret another dream! And just in time to predict the outcome of yesterday's mid-term U.S. elections (November 7, 2006).

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