Art Gallery

Silk Painting by Debbie Hart

Silk Hoops

(All hoops are 10" diameter unless otherwise noted)


Cat Fairy, Black and White
on Purple Background, SOLD

Rainbow Cat

Cat Fairy, Tiger-Striped
on Green Background (8")

Lone Wolf

Tree Animals

Curly Bird


Turtle (8")

Patchwork Bird (8")

Raven, Purple, Blue
and Green Background, SOLD

Raven, Purple, Indigo
and Blue Background (8")

Raven, Blue, Turquoise
and Green Background




Grey Squirrel


Barred Owl

Commissioned work)

Dragonflies, SOLD

Lizard, SOLD

Red-Shafted Flicker,
Commissioned work

Many-Eyed Plant, SOLD

Butterfly, SOLD

Red Bird (6"), SOLD

Steller's Jay, SOLD

Cafe with Journal

Ocelot Power Shield (3")
(Gift for a friend)

"Charlie Brave Boy"
(Gift for a friend depicting an image
from a dream she had)

The Cauldron
(I Ching Hexagram 50)

Power Shield
(Gift for a friend's 50th birthday)


Silk Hoop Power Shields

Sacred Clown Bird, SOLD

A mythical creature whose many colorful
eye-shaped spots symbolize keen
observation. Sacred Clown Bird reminds
us to be conscious, present and alert
in every moment. Sacred Clown Bird's
whimsically multicolored plumage also
remindsus to dare to be our authentic
selves regardless of what others think,
and to cultivate a light-hearted and
joyful attitude, seeking the positive and
humorous aspects in everything
around us, including ourselves.

Raven Power Shield,
Shades of Green (8")

Turkey Vulture

More Silk Hoops and Power Shields:


Raven Power Shield,
Purple and Magenta,


Red-Shouldered Hawk
Power Shield

Raven Power Shield


Silk Scarves:

Colorful Birds, 12x60, SOLD

Colorful Cats, 12x60, SOLD

Sun & moon, 9x54, SOLD

Cats, 8x54, SOLD

Spirals, 12x60, SOLD

Lizards, 8x45, SOLD

Celtic Forest, 15x60, SOLD

Lizards, Purple on Brown , 8x45, SOLD


Paintings on Stretched Silk:

"Spring River Goddess"

18"x22", fabric paints, gutta, and
acid-free magic markers on silk (crepe de Chine).

Silk is stretched on canvas stretcher bars.
Frame is drawn/painted on.


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