Creative Writing

"The writer is someone becoming specific."   (Bill Scheffel)

Creative Writing is one of the most powerful tools available to explore our interior.  Often, we don't know how we feel until we write it down.

Writing is a rare tool that allows us to dis/cover and to ex/press what is within. Once we have put our thoughts in writing, we can re/view them as if they belonged to another.  Ideas that are outside our head allow us to apply the full resources of perception... in ways usually reserved for outsiders.

The U of You is developing both staff and stuff to teach (curriculum). Creative Writing instruction via email learning can provide structure, guidance, safety, and supportive feedback between writers and teachers.

Creative Writing Samples

   "COACH"                  (Ron Masa)

   "GEO IS PSYCHO"      (Ron Masa)

   "BAR CEREMONY"       (Ron Masa)



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