Spiritual Cinema

"Stories" store our knowledge and Cinema is the story form of our age.
Our lives are stories written in flesh.
Carl Jung once said that cinema is an ideal medium to represent the outer and interior realms and that, if born later, he would surely have become a film maker.

(If you don't have a current Quicktime Player, you can download it for free)


Mandala Magic

Jungian Mandala-Play from fruit to nuts & including some of each!
Our first short video.
Winner of Boulde
r Cable TV's
"54-second Film Festival"

Best Short Animation
(length: 1:00)

Dream Painter

How to turn your dreams into art the simplest way:
Our first Flash animation,
shown here in QuickTime.
(length: 2:08)


Click Image to Play

Click Image to Play



Got a Minute?
Learn to Paint

An experiment in classic
stop-action camera animation.
A 2005 FINALIST in the
New York Minute Film Festival

(length: 1:00)


A short animation created with the Kaleidica
Light Instrument.
An entry in the 2005
New York Minute Film Festival
(length: 1:00)


Click Image to Play

Click Image to Play



If you have enjoyed these free movies and would like to contribute to the making of more, your donation can help.




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