The I Ching as Guide
for Renting a
Business Office

by Ron Masa Ph.D.

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If you could use universal wisdom as your guide to business decision-making, instead of a realtor, would you? I did.

When I was seeking an office space to relocate my private practice in Jungian therapy and the I Ching, I asked the I Ching where to locate. The I Ching is an ancient Chinese oracle that lets you ask any question and read the selected parts of the text that answer it. It's a little like having God's email address so you can immediate feedback in writing.

The first three offices I viewed were interesting, but the I Ching simplified matters by discouraging each of them in turn. Next I visited a property on the north side of town that I immediately dismissed because it lacked a view of the Flatiron Mountains that tower over Boulder, Colorado. "How can anyone do meaningful spiritual work without a good view of the mountains?" I wondered.

I cast an I Ching reading, with the sole intent of discarding this office along with the others, but the I Ching read: "Game is in the field and it furthers one to catch it." One secret to using the I Ching is to match the metaphor to your current situation. Since the book is 3,000 years old, there are no category headings for "condo swaps" or "retail office space."

The concepts are enduring images from the past."Game is in the field" is an ancient image of the hunt. Now, I have never been hunting in my life... or have I? After reflecting, I recalled telling friends that I was office hunting! I felt a physical surge of energy upon this recognition, a cue I was getting the message. Many modern concepts are based on similarly ancient images (since the more things change, the more they remain the same).

If my "game" is in the field, whatever I was hunting must be right in front of me. This contradicted my conscious attitude toward that office completely, but that's precisely the point of consulting higher, wiser guidance.

When game is "in the field," it is no longer hidden in a forest--of the many offices listed for rent in the paper. Now the goal of my search is right in front of me. Staying with the metaphoric image, I asked myself, "How long does game tend to stand around in the open?" Probably not long, I guessed and I arranged to meet the landlord and signed the lease within the hour.

While I was still discussing matters with my new landlord (and ask yourself if a "building owner" being called the "lord" of your "land" might not be an ancient concept underlying a modern concept!) another tenant called to claim the space. It's a good thing I followed the hunting image and acted quickly.

After eight years in that same location, with the best landlord I have ever had, the building had proven itself an absolutely ideal location for many reasons that no human wisdom could have anticipated. The "lord of the land" became a trusted friend and ally who invited me to park my RV in the back lot any time I wanted. When my truck had only first gear for two months, the building's traffic circles made this no problem.

When it was time for me to seek physical rehab, a wonderful physical rehab instructor moved into the building just down the hall. When I needed to rent a public space to present poetry readings, there was a perfect rentable room right in the front of this same building.

And, by the way, for the three different evenings that I rented that poetry room... I had a fantastic view of the Flatiron Mountains towering over Boulder. Occasionally my ego is slightly correct! The rest of the time I consult the I Ching.

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