The TeleDream group in action. 
      "Live, on tape"  (12:45)

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(voices: Dr Ron, Hollis, Sonny, Marjorie, Robin & J.T.)

          Lucidity  with  Luna       

   I am walking with Luna (from Yoga) 
  in a small town that seems perfect to me, 
  and I realize that I am dreaming. 
  There is no traffic, lots of trees, 
  houses, children playing, 
  and small businesses. 
  I ask her why the town is so peaceful 
  and she says its because no one is angry. 

 Then we are walking across thermal springs, 
 they are limestone and water is bubbling up 
 and flowing across the surface for acres. 
 She tells me that the minerals in the water 
 keep everyone healthy and quite happy. 

 We enter a residential neighborhood 
 where she lives in the downstairs 
 of a brick home.  
 The dog next door greets 
 us and I play with him, 
 I think that perhaps 
 this is too perfect. 
 I go into her home and 
 she is lying on her bed. 

I sit at her feet and begin 
 to give her a foot massage. 
 I ask her Do they call you Luna 
 over here, too?  
 She smiles sadly and says 
 No, they call me Dweasel (??). 
Suddenly, I am drifting back 
 into waking consciousness 
 and feel sad to be leaving 
 such a perfect world. 
 I say Im so sorry Luna 
 and then awaken.





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