NOTE: We are currently no longer offering DreamTalk

"Every dream comes in the interest
of health and wholeness."
- Jeremy Taylor

  • Have a dream you'd love to know the meaning of?

  • Don't want to pay too much or drive too far for help with it?

DreamTalk is a place to talk about your dreams! It is a private, low-cost, invitation-only e-group. Share your dreams by email in a safe, supportive environment with dream experts and other like-minded dreamers.

Join now to experience the many benefits:

  • Explore all your questions about the meaning of dreams

  • Learn to apply dream wisdom to daily life

  • Submit brief dreams for expert feedback and group discussion

  • Help others understand their dreams

  • Participate from the comfort of your own home

  • Safe, supportive environment

  • Positive focus on growth and health

  • Serious, playful, profound dream exploration at an affordable price

  • ALL LEVELS of dream experience welcome!

At only $25 per month, DreamTalk is the best dream assistance available for the money. (That's three and a half months' worth of expert, caring help with your dreams for the cost of a single private session!)

"Thanks to all who commented on my dream (wow). I made printed copies of some of the e-mails because I felt I needed to reflect on them more; they were too good to leave on a computer screen!"

- Justin Virant
Boulder, CO


"Thank you to all of you for interesting comments on my dream. I am truly stunned with all the unexpected associations. What an adventure to really pull apart every aspect of a dream and let each idea simmer in my thoughts. I couldn't have done it by myself.

- Ann K.        
Louisville, CO

"DreamTalk is amazing! Every time I send in a dream, I'm amazed at the insights of the group. I get in-depth, thoughtful answers from everyone. Plus, I get to help others interpret their dreams. All of it by
e-mail and on my own schedule."

-- Marie    
Lyons, CO

"DreamTalk is a great way to participate in a dynamic, ongoing dream group without getting out of my pjs! While a dream is still fresh in my mind, I can post it for group feedback. I can practice my own dream working skills ... As a group, we are able to reach into deeper levels of the dream ... DreamTalk provides a virtual learning and healing community to share in the magical world of dreams! Thank you ... for DreamTalk!"

-- Lisa K.    
Boulder, CO

Dear Dreamers,

reams contain living symbols-- each with a wealth of layered meanings-- that can change our lives. The fixed, simplistic meanings you can find in a dream dictionary barely begin the search. Where you have to look is inside the dreamer. This is why we are the University of Yourself, because that's where your wisdom and self-direction come from! Dream work is an exciting way to explore and discover your inner gifts and resources.

To fully understand any dream, we have to actively explore it and also be ready to learn! Dreams show us important issues that we have been missing or lessons we haven't yet learned. Dreams help us experience a fresh point of view that can change how we see things and help us succeed. Whoever makes us, makes our dreams. They are deep.

Anyone can already attend our weekly TeleDream groups by phone and find kindred souls and get amazing help with dreams, but some folks want to spend even less than the $35 fee for TeleDream. Others feel shy about talking to people on the phone until they get to know them, and some want to learn more about what dream work is like before trying out a live telephone group. DreamTalk addresses all these concerns.

Email discussion groups are a terrific way to explore just how dream work is done--at a leisurely pace, in a safe environment, and from the comfort of your own home. Would you like some help answering the questions your dreams are raising every night? Join us in DreamTalk and participate in a shared search for truth.

Of course, typing dreams in this sort of group may not achieve the same depth you would find in TeleDream, but Dreams are Powerful. They come from our source, and sometimes a single image, fully grasped, can help us change our entire direction in life.

U of You Staffers Dr Ron Masa, Debbie Hart, and Dr Marjorie Miles will add their expert comments to the group discussion...

But this is a discussion group where everyone can offer their insights, ask questions, and learn from each other. In dream work, multiple points of view really help! Different life interests and experiences really help. As a group, we have a cumulative power that no expert can replace. And every dream has something to teach everyone who examines it!

ALL LEVELS of dream experience are welcome. You are welcome!

Respect and consideration for others and their dreams is a necessary requirement of continued membership. This is a safe place for seeking the constructive, helpful meanings in every dream. No dream comes to mock or shame us; all intend to guide and grow us.

DreamTalk is an inexpensive option if you'd like to uncover some of the wisdom hidden in those dreams you've been dying to understand. There is expert feedback and group support to help you. As you learn how to work with dreams, you can begin to help and teach others. You get to give help as well as receive it.

"Our dreams are nightly letters from God," wrote Von Franz.
Wouldn't you like to read your mail?

Don't miss out on this special opportunity to benefit from your dreams. They are like your Owner's Manual for Being a Human. Dream guidance arrives right when we need it. Group support makes learning what to do with it so much easier. Want to join us and check it out?

"Every understood dream is like
a slight electrical shock into higher consciousness."

(Von Franz)

Why wait for the big jolts to arrive? This discount offer is available only by invitation and may conclude at any time. Don't miss your chance. Act now!

Meet the DreamTalk Moderators:

Dr. Ron is a spiritual psychologist, shaman, author, and dream expert with 30 years' experience. He focuses largely on dreamwork and the I Ching as two of the best tools to commune directly with our Source. He is the founder of the University of Yourself.
Debbie is a gifted intuitive dreamer, artist, and spiritual educator with a multi-disciplinary background and many years' experience in journal writing, personal and spiritual development, and dream work.She co-runs the University of Yourself with Dr. Ron.
Dr. Marjorie is a psychotherapist, teacher, workshop faciliator and Certified Spiritual Counselor, who provides integrated mind/body/spirit services for a happier, healthier, and abundant life. She is a faculty member at the University of Yourself.