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"Discover Your Dreams: A Beginner's Guide"

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This free e-course consists of eight lessons. The course contains the following chapters:
  1. Wish You Could Remember Your Dreams? - Where to begin
  2. Keeping a Dream Journal - How to, and what it can do for you
  3. Starting to Work on Your Dreams - Techniques to get you started
  4. Layers of Meaning in Dreams - Frameworks to explore your dreams
  5. Group Dreamwork - The benefits of multiple points of view
  6. What Happens in a Telephone Dream Group? - Look inside!
  7. A Real Live Group Dreamwork Example - A first-hand account!
  8. Some Great Books on Dreams - Where to go next

The Authors:

Dr. Ron Masa and Debbie Hart co-run the University of Yourself and a weekly telephone dream group. Dr. Ron is a psychologist, author, and dream expert with 30 years' experience. Debbie is a gifted intuitive dreamer and spiritual educator with many years' experience in dream exploration.