Discover Your Dreams
A Beginner's Guide

by Ron Masa, Ph.D. & Debbie Hart

Dear Dreamer,

Here we introduce the process of dreamwork in a group. This group (which you could join) is open to any serious dreamer with a telephone:

Lesson 6

What Happens in a Telephone Dream Group?

Debbie Hart

In this lesson, we will give you a look at the typical process of a telephone dream group. In the next lesson, we will take you inside an actual session.

The University of Yourself offers a TeleDream group which meets each week by telephone. Once you sign up to join this groups, you receive an email invitation from Dr. Ron and Debbie to join the associated e-group, and you can click on the links in the invitation to join.

TeleDream has its own private e-group, where participants send in written copies of their dreams prior to working on them, so everyone will have a copy. The e-group also provides a forum to discuss further insights and the dream-related synchronicities that often occur between sessions.

Once you have joined the e-group, we will send you an introductory email containing the dreams that is currently next in line to be worked on, so you can print it out before the session. That way, you can jot notes right on the dream, if you wish, during the 90-minute live group session. The introductory email will also contain instructions for writing up your own dreams and submitting them to the e-group, as well as the telephone number (bridge line) to call for the session.

We have now provided two ways to participate in TeleDream. First, we offer a monthly tuition model for highly dedicated participants who typically show up for every session, and usually take turns doing a dream from each participant. Depending on the length of the dream, we spend at least one and often two sessions on each dream and study it in greater depth. Secondly, we now also offer a drop-in model where a participant can attend for just a single session.

We open each TeleDream session with a randomly-chosen reading, most often from Dr. Ron's extensive poetry collection. This stimulates metaphoric thinking and invites the Cosmos to comment on whatever dream will be worked on. Synchronicities are common; often the themes or exact words from the poem appear in the dream itself.

We then delve into the dream itself. First, the dreamer reads his or her dream to the group. Next we examine the title of the dream (it's very helpful to title them), and both the dreamer and the other participants talk about their associations to the words in the title. With practice, much important information about the major themes in the dream can be gleaned from the title alone.

We then examine the text of the dream in detail, exploring it line by line, noting themes, symbols, individual words, words hidden within words, phrases within larger sentences that often have their own separate meanings, and sometimes etymologies of intriguing words, which we look up in a large dictionary. Words often turn out to have archaic meanings that are very relevant to the themes in the dream, revealing the deeper wisdom that is behind our dreams.

The dreamer and each participant share their associations and thoughts on every aspect of the dream, revealing underlying patterns and profound insights as the process continues. Usually, several "aha!" experiences occur as the dream's messages and synchronicities emerge.

At the end of each session, the dreamer chooses between a random selection from the Osho Zen Tarot deck, a random Rumi poem, or another randomly-chosen reading (such as an Erica Jong poem) for a closing comment from the Universe. Like the opening reading, this commentary is usually full of synchronicities, reiterates important themes, and frequently includes some of the very same words from the text of the dream.

These readings often contribute new insights to the discussion by drawing our attention to aspects of the dream that we hadn't noticed during the session. In this way, gifted authors, both living and deceased, act as valued members of our dream team.

Typically, by the end of a session, we are all marveling at the
importance of the message, its relevance for everyone in the group, and the extraordinary synchronicities that have arisen during the course of the work. Dreamwork brings us into direct contact with the mystery within us. It leaves an indelible, inspiring effect that can enrich our lives and our experience of living.


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