Discover Your Dreams
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by Ron Masa, Ph.D. & Debbie Hart

Dear Dreamer,

One way to see many points of view in each dream is to enlist
other viewers! A good dream group has much to offer:

Lesson 5

Group Dream Work

Debbie Hart

Many of us who love dreams have read accounts of peaceful tribes in which all members share their dreams at breakfast and in the village council daily, discussing the dreams' symbols and making decisions based on the dreams' guidance.

The members of such tribes also create many life-enhancing objects and rituals such as artwork, tools, costumes and dances that they have first seen in their dreams. We may sigh and say to ourselves, "I sure wish I could be part of a spiritually-guided dream-sharing community like that!" The good news is that anyone can!

Dream groups do exist that offer community sharing of dream guidance in a modern form. Dr. Ron and I join with fellow dreamers to create the richness and benefits of this kind of dream-sharing community each week in our telephone dream groups, TeleDream and TeleDayDream.
Dreamwork provides many benefits, and takes on added dimensions when done in a group.

In our experience, the people attracted to group dreamwork tend to be good-hearted, creative, intuitive, and spiritual. They desire to hear and follow their own inner guidance and the messages from higher realms that dreams provide. A good dream group provides a safe and supportive meeting place where dreamers can commune with like-minded
kindred spirits to explore their dreams' symbols, meanings and messages.

Our groups provide an easy-to-follow shared framework for working on dreams. The group environment itself enriches each person's experience by allowing them to share their growth and insights with supportive allies who witness and encourage them. Being part of a group also helps people overcome their inner resistances.

A major benefit of group dreamwork is that the dream of each person in the group contains messages and guidance for every person in the group. For the person whose dream the group is exploring, the different perspectives of each participant offer a wealth of extra symbolic associations and possible interpretations beyond the dreamer's own that she may not have seen. From this wide range of insights, the dreamer is then free to choose those that feel true for her.

Further benefits of group dreamwork include the sharing of
synchronicities and symbolic events that often occur during the dream session itself and in the lives of the dreamers between sessions; these waking-life occurrences often mirror the symbolism in the dream itself.

For example, during one TeleDream session in which "blocked communication" was a major theme, more than one dreamer's phone connection faded in and out or was briefly cut off during the telephone session; this "live demonstration" of the theme we were studying reinforced the dream's lesson for everyone.

The following week, every member who had attended that session emailed the TeleDream e-group to report that either their home or work telephone had malfunctioned during the week. (I actually dropped and broke mine!) The dream had anticipated this symbolic waking-life lesson that we were each about to experience in our own way. Such
synchronicities, which reveal the symbolic nature of our existence, are often awe-inspiring.

Yet another intriguing aspect of group dreamwork we have observed is that over time, the group members often work through the same issues at the same time, and serve as mirrors for each other. The members begin to experience shared dream themes, and have dreams that seem to
comment on the dreams of others in the group.

In some cases, the dreamers even appear in each other's dreams to jointly solve problems and work on issues. On one level, the appearance of a friend in our dream represents the qualities of that person within our own psyche. In some instances, these appearances in each others' dreams seem to be genuine meetings on the dream plane.

For example, one TeleDream member appeared in the dream of another TeleDream participant (we'll call her "Mary"). Mary had never met this"dream visitor" in person or seen a photo of her in real life. In Mary's dream, the participant had long dark hair rather than the short light-brown hair that Mary had always imagined.

When Mary posted her dream to the TeleDream e-group, the person who had appeared in her dream answered the post excitedly, "Your dream is right, I actually do have long dark hair in waking life!" Mary had several similar dreams containing various details she could not have known in waking life that later proved to be true. The entire group is
often amazed and delighted by these "dream encounters."

Finally, another fascinating aspect of group dreamwork is that any person's dream may contain precognitive elements. For example, in TeleDream, one dreamer, whose dreams frequently contain precognitive information, had a dream which foresaw Dr. Ron and me becoming a couple, long before we knew. This dream also contained other details
that have since become a reality.

These are only a few of the benefits and amazing experiences that group dreamwork can provide. To experience some of these benefits yourself, we would be delighted for you to attend TeleDream and share these weekly adventures with us if you so choose.


Do you know someone who would be a trustworthy
ally in sharing dreams? Some friends, some couples, some whole families look at dreams together.

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